What we cannot do

Since we are dedicated to saving cats' lives and all community cats are at risk of euthanasia if they are received by an public or private animal control agency or shelter we absolutely will not allow our traps to be lent for trapping cats that are to be taken to any shelter or animal control, public or private.

We have an extremely limited pool of volunteers, sources for funds, and a small equipment inventory, so we regret we cannot:

  • Deal with any animal other than cats and kittens
  • Trap for you on your own property (exceptions made for elderly and disabled, and for large commercial/business properties)
  • Assist in any way except for information request in cities outside of HEB and the adjoining cities.  Please see our partner links below to find an organization to help you outside the mid-cities.

Since we are not a rescue group, and therefore have no arrangements with foster homes, no medical care funds, no pet locator website accounts, we regret we cannot:

  • Remove unwanted community cats (rare exceptions can be made depending on Barn Cats availability - see our link)
  • Rehome any unwanted cats - please refer to our rescue links for help with rehoming.
  • Foster/rescue/find adopters for any cats and kittens - please refer to our links for rescuing


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