Our main purpose is to help homeowners and business owners stop the reproduction of unwanted cats on their property.  To that end we lend traps with a small deposit, we train the community to trap, we coach our neighbors on the best trapping procedures, we give advice on problems encountered when trapping.  Feel free to call us or email us if you need our assistance!


  • Stand before the City Councils to effect change in City Ordinances that Discourage Community Cats
  • Stand before City Animal Shelter Boards to effect change in Shelter Policies that see the only solution to Community Cats to be Trap & Kil
  • Speak to Neighbors and Neighborhood Organizations about the Benefits of Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return over Trap & Kill


  • Educate the Community on Benefits of TNVR
  • Educate our City Governments on the Benefits of TNVR
  • Educate our Law Enforcement Personnel on the Benefits of TNVR
  • Train Citizens on the Benefits of TNVR
  • Train the Citizens how to TNVR
  • Teach all that Trap and Kill is not the answer to Nuisance Calls!


  • Conduct Trap-Neuter-Return Operations in Problem Areas of the Mid-Cities at Property Owners' Requests
  • Answer Citizens' Calls for Help when they Choose Not to Call Animal Control
  • Assist Citizens in their Own TNVR Operations
  • Lend Traps to Homeowners and Property Owners



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